QA101B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

QA101B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

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70 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope


  • Up to two analog Channels, 70 MHz bandwidth
  • 10-bit ADC
  • 5mV/div to 5V/div, +/-50V max (CAT I use on non-hazardous/non-lethal voltages only)
  • Up to 24 logic analyzer channels
  • Mixed Modes:
    • 2 10b Analog Channels, 12 Logic Channels, up to 100 MSPS
    • 1 8b Analog Channel, 12 Logic Channels, 200 MSPS
    • 1 8b Analog Channels, 24 Logic Channels, up to 100MSPS


  • 10nS/div to 100mS/div
  • 32MSample Buffer

Trigger Modes

  • Auto, Normal, Single
  • Rising/Falling/Both Edges
  • Channel 1 or 2 or Logic
  • Logic trigger on rising/falling edges

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