Automating Pedal Measurements with Tractor

We have a new forum located here. It's based on Discourse, which is a bit different form most forum software. Discourse is optimized for short, quick interactions on a topic. It's really easy to paste documents: just copy to your clipboard and paste into the post you are editing. No need to upload. This makes it ideal for technical interactions.

The biggest 'want' from a forum was a place where detailed tutorials could be done quickly. Blog posts are pretty bad for this type of sharing because the process of uploading pictures, selecting options, getting a link to the picture, pasting it, etc, is very tedious. A lot of forums aren't much better.

So, we'll continue to use blog posts for more general topics. But for very detailed, task-driven tutorials, that work will move to the forum. 

An example of the latter is linked to the forum here.

The above link is a walk through on how to use Tractor to drive testing for a guitar distortion pedal. There will be a few more sections added in over the next week. But in the end, it will be a fast, automated test that should be able to test 30 pedals per hour (including operator switchover). 

If you are going to be at NAMM 2020 on Saturday or Sunday, drop a note to our support alias!

Thanks, Matt