Shipping, Terms & Conditions, etc


We use Shopify and PayPal exclusively for order processing. You do not need an account with either to purchase our products. Just use your credit card (or Paypal) and Shopify or Paypal handles the rest. We never see your credit card number.

In rare cases, we can accept a PO and provide NET30 if the order quantity is sizable and if the ordering organization seems reputable.

Quantity Discounts

We can provide quantity discounts. Please contact us to discuss.


We ship worldwide, with a few exceptions related to US Government export restrictions. If you are able to purchase the product at checkout, then we should be able to ship to you without any issues.

We ship world wide using USPS Priority Mail or DHL. USPS is very economical, and has typical transit times in the US of 2-3 days for about $14, times to Canada are usually 3-5 days for about $36, and times to Europe are also 3-5 days for about $64. We can ship via UPS or Fedex outside the US, but be aware it can be very expensive. 

When we ship, you will get tracking information emailed to you when the label is created. If that doesn’t occur, please let us know. The tracking information provided by USPS isn’t precise, but it’s generally pretty good. Packages have been delayed, but they've never lost a package.


Each country has slightly different requirements in terms of what they need to see on an invoice. All of our international packages ship with a USPS CP72 Customs Form OR with a DHL electronic form. In our experience, this is accepted 99% of the time by various authorities. If you know ahead of time your local authorities require more detailed paperwork, then please let us know.

Taxes, Duty, VAT

If you purchase in the state of Washington, you will be charged sales tax. 

Purchases outside the US do not include taxes, duty or VATs. If we provide you with a quotation, the quotation will not include VAT. 

Your country will likely require you to submit fees upon receipt at your local customs office. Note that we are required to report the value of the hardware accurately. Please do not ask to list it as a gift, or at a reduced amount. We cannot.

We can separate the value of hardware and software on products that require software to function. Some countries do not charge VAT  on software purchases. Unless noted, we’ll report the value of the hardware only on the CP72 form. Contact us if you need an invoice with separate line items for SW and HW.


We usually ship units that are listed as "in stock" the same day unless some configuration is required or if the order is placed after 12PM Seattle time. 

Evaluation Period, Warranty and Repair

Every product comes with a 15 day “no questions asked” period. During that time, you can return the product for any reason and we will refund the full purchase price (including the shipping cost). However, the purchaser may be  required to pay the shipping cost back. If you are unhappy with your purchase or find the product unsuitable for your needs, please just let us know at support at QuantAslyum and we’ll get you an RMA number.

The product is warranted to be free of defects for 6 months from purchase. During this time, we’ll be happy to repair or replace a product that has failed due to a manufacturing issue. We reserve the right to NOT honor the warranty on products that have been abused, misused, neglected or for any other cause not related to manufacturing workmanship. Warranty is provided to the original purchaser only.

We can repair our products. Please contact us at support at QuantAsylum to arrange. Cost, if any, will be negotiated upon inspection. Our aim is to get you running again for a very reasonable repair price, even if the product was damaged due to over-voltage. 

Product Liability

Our liability will never exceed the total price paid by the purchaser. We cannot accept liability for indirect, incidental, losses from less of profits, business interruption due to performance-related issues with our product. We shall have no liability for any indirect or punitive damages or for a claim by a third party.

None of our products are for use measuring voltages that are potentially dangerous or lethal. Do not use our products in ways for which they were not designed. 

Thanks for your consideration!