QA150 High Side Current Sense Amp [Retired]

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This product is retired and will be replaced with a new data acquisition product later in 2021 called the QA360. Stay tuned for more info...

The QA150 makes ultra-low current measurements of your toughest real-time projects a snap. The QA150 is a high-side current-to-voltage converter, with nearly 1 MHz of bandwidth. Simply tap into the supplies of your project rails (5V, 3.3V, etc) and the QA150 will convert the currents to voltages that you can then capture on your scope, along with whatever other digital signals you might need to study. If you are trying to squeeze every last bit of energy from your batteries, the QA150 will give you insight into your product you likely haven't seen before.

The QA150 is powered by the PC, but it's fully isolated. It offers high bandwidth and depending on your scope, can resolve from uA to amps. The best part is that it's a "true zero" design, which means that if you have no current flowing, then you'll measure an output voltage of microvolts--not tens of millivolts common with most current sensing solutions operating near their zero. 

Using the QA150 is easy: Simply route the current you wish to measure through the 3-pin connector on the front panel. That current will then be converted into a precise voltage that is proportional to the current. See the link below for a more detailed application of the QA150.


  • 4 input channels, each with different sensitivity:
    • CH1: 10 ohm sense, 1mA=1V, 20mA max
    • CH2: 1 ohm sense, 10mA=1V, 200mA max
    • CH3: 0.1 ohm sense, 100mA=1V, 2A max
    • CH4: 0.01 ohm sense, 1A=1V, 5Arms/10A peak for 0.2sec
  • Fully isolated from PC
  • Minimum 3V sense voltage
  • Maximum 24V sense voltage


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