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 Product Latest Release Notes
QA101B 1.761
Dec 12016

- Improved calibration routine. More improvements are coming to help with offset errors
- AWG had a bug where output was inverted for a given duty cycle
- Increased AWG pulse duty cycle tolerance to 0.1% 
- AWG now takes advantage of output relays. You can create a 3.5V DC offset atop 50 mV sine with nearly full output DAC resolution maintained
- Added 3 interpreters: BLDC Hall Sensor, Pulse Counter, and Interval Timer

QA401 1.50
Jan 2017

- Manual updated (See Help->Launch Help for PDF)
- Added ability to tweak DC offsets in output stage
- Fixed bug where constant tone generation left outputs in indeterminate state
- Added ability to mirror QA401 DAC output on PC DAC to permit testing of PC DACs
- Added ability to change burst duration to account for DUTs with increased processing latency
- Fxied bug where API calls were not seeing the state of the attenuator 


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