Moving forward, we'll be hosting more of our projects on GitHub. Some with source, some without. If you aren't familiar with GitHub, all you need to know is it's how modern software development is done. Our EXEs are signed, so when you download a file from GitHub, Windows will verify its signature and confirm with you that QuantAsylum USA LLC is the publisher. 

 Product Latest Release Notes
QA101B 1.761
Dec 12016

- Improved calibration routine. More improvements are coming to help with offset errors
- AWG had a bug where output was inverted for a given duty cycle
- Increased AWG pulse duty cycle tolerance to 0.1% 
- AWG now takes advantage of output relays. You can create a 3.5V DC offset atop 50 mV sine with nearly full output DAC resolution maintained
- Added 3 interpreters: BLDC Hall Sensor, Pulse Counter, and Interval Timer

QA401 Download from GitHub

QA401 1.51 June 2017

  • Ensured that precise stop frequency will always be the final point in both freq and THD test plugins
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the option for graph generation wasn't shown. This was due to install
    problem where the old DLL wasn't overwritten.
  • Fixed bug where time domain display could be stuck in log mode. This was evident based on axis.


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