NAMM 2019

NAMM is the premiere event for those that manufacture musical instruments and accessories to connect with buyers--from independent music shop owners to large corporate buyers. To put things in perspective, CES is about 180,000 people strong. NAMM is about 115,000--about 2/3 the size of CES. But the intensity level is quite a bit higher because it's focused purely on making music. 

Over the last year, we've put a lot of work into evolving and building the hardware pieces that will appeal to the engineers that build products that make music. Our QA401 audio analyzer and QA450 programmable load make it easy to begin testing everything from the building blocks of these products (such as class D amp modules and pre-amp boards) to the finished product. From boutique amp and pedal manufacturers, to Eurorack synths and effects: automated testing of products is critical to delivering the quality your customers expect. 

And more is coming. The QA401H application will permit headless operation of the QA401 on Windows, Linux or Mac and is driven by a RESTful interface making it easy to drive the test equipment from just about any application. The Tractor application makes it easy to create sophisticated test sequences for your product, including logging test results to a database. An operator need only scan the barcode of your product to initiate the test. We've also been busy adding some very useful yield tools and analysis tools to the core QA401 product. 

We want to help you better test your product. If you aren't sure where to start, just ask! Send a mail to our support alias (support@quantasylum) and we'd be happy to help.