QA480 1 kHz Oscillator + Notch [Retired]

QA480 1 kHz Oscillator + Notch [Retired]

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This product has been retired.

The QA480 is a very precise 1 kHz sine wave generator combined with 63 dB step attenuator (1 dB step size) and a low-noise notch.

This product is for those doing R&D that need to measure products with THD+N approaching -120 dB and THD approaching -140 dB. 

The QA480 is fully isolated, USB powered, and achieves its specifications without the need for an external lab-grade supply.  All in a box the size of a thick paperback book (177 mm wide, 44 mm tall, 97 mm deep).

See the link below for more info on the lineage of the product.