QA480 1 kHz Oscillator + Notch

QA480 1 kHz Oscillator + Notch

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The QA480 is a very precise 1 kHz sine wave generator combined with 63 dB step attenuator (1 dB step size) and a low-noise notch.

This product is for those doing R&D that need to measure products with THD+N approaching -120 dB and THD approaching -140 dB. 

The QA480 is fully isolated, USB powered, and achieves its specifications without the need for an external lab-grade supply.  All in a box the size of a thick paperback book (177 mm wide, 44 mm tall, 97 mm deep).

See the link below for more info on the lineage of the product. Because this is a speculative build, we're not able to make claims on performance yet.

Since the post above was written the final PCBs have been ordered and the boards were sent to assembly the week of August 10 (assembly is happening in Bellevue, WA). The goal is that all units will be built and delivered by the end of August 2020.

While anyone can order, your order may be canceled if you haven't already sent a mail to sales reserving a QA480. 

Shields will not be part of the shipped products. The shields are laser cut nickel and are currently running around $30-$60/set. They might be made available later if you'd like to order. Also, the ability to tune the notch didn't make it into the final PCB revision because the number of tuning elements required to give the tuning rage required was too big of a change. 

Normal 15-day no-questions-asked return policy applies, but buyer must pay return shipping costs (though we refund the full purchase price).